What is Smart Grid?

The Smart grid enables integration, automation and real-time communication of all the technologies that operate in silos to facilitate an optimized operation of the electric grid - from generation, transmission and all the way to distribution.

What does Smart Grid do?

Today, an electricity disruption such as a blackout can have a domino effect—a series of failures that can affect banking, communications, traffic, and security. A smarter grid will add resilience to the electric power System and make it better prepared to address such emergencies.

Real-time 2-way communication sets the tone for smart grid technologies to enable activities such as - forecast generation from various distributed generation resources, aligned scheduling. On the distribution side, optimize power required, optimize network sizing, outage information and restoration, and assist consumer engagement. To allow an ideal scale up year on year as other technologies or applications that are added to support and improve various functions of a utility is what ensures a “smart grid”. A smart grid will allow applications such as demand optimization which essentially allow the proliferation of distributed generation to the mix and help a utility operator with real-time information for resource planning – day ahead and in the long term as well.